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Humidi-Cure RH62% – 1.5g Sachet

AUD $0.90

Keep your herbs, cigars, and other products fresh and flavorful with Humidi-Cure’s innovative 2-Way Humidity Control Packet. Humidi-Cure is designed to absorb and release moisture to maintain the perfect Relative Humidity (RH) level in your airtight container, ensuring your products never become too wet or too dry.

Key Features:

Unique Formulation: Absorbs and releases moisture to maintain the ideal RH level.

Versatile Application: Suitable for herbs, cigars, flowers, medicine, food, and more.

Simple Activation: Tear the plastic wrap and place the 62% humidity pack in your container.

Fast Acting: Achieves desired RH level 3X faster than other humidity control packets.

Long Lasting: Enjoy up to 120 days of humidity control after activation.

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Important Notice:

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Fast Acting

Long Lasting

Versatile Application

Simple Activation

How does Humidi-Cure work?

Remove the transparent wrapper right before usage.

Place the Humidi-Cure packet into an airtight container with your herbs.

Close the lid of container tight and avoid frequent opening.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does HuMidi-cure RH62% work?
It absorbs or releases moisture to maintain the relative humidity at 62%.
Is HuMidi-cure RH62% reusable?
No, once it becomes hard and loses effectiveness, it should be replaced.
How long does HuMidi-cure RH62% last?
It typically lasts 2-4 months, depending on the storage conditions and frequency of opening the container.
How do I know when to replace HuMidi-cure RH62%?
Replace it when the pack becomes hard and dry.
Is HuMidi-cure RH62% safe to use?
Yes, it is non-toxic and safe for use with consumable goods.

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