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Just share some details about your condition and past treatments so we can see if plant-based options might work for you. Your info is totally safe with us, so feel free to be open and honest.

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At Summit Pharma, the health and happiness of our Australian patients come first. Gain quick access to plant-based medications and enjoy free online consultations with our expert team in plant-based medicine.

What sets Summit Pharma apart regular healthcare options?

Summit Pharma is for anyone dealing with long-term health issues or unwanted effects from typical treatments. Experience the relief of our natural options, just like many others across Australia already have!

DO YOU HAVE OTHER HEALTH ISSUES? Summit Pharma can help you.


How can Summit Pharma support me?

Summit Pharma’s doctors will assess if plant-based medicine is right for your chronic condition, providing support every step of the way.

Is a doctor's referral required?

No referral needed! Summit Pharma’s doctors, who are experienced GPs, can prescribe alternative medicines directly.

Are consultations done online or in person?

All appointments are conducted via telehealth, either through video or phone calls, enabling you to consult with our doctors conveniently from your home, no matter where you are in Australia.

What's the consultation fee?

First consultation: Free expert advice and pre-assessment, saving $89. Includes personalized treatment plan and TGA application assistance for plant medicine access.

Subsequent consultations: Charged. Assess health progress, adjust medication, provide refills. Number varies based on recommendations.

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